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SPC Calcium-Plastic Environmental Floor Extrusion Line

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SPC calcium-plastic environmental floor extrusion line advantage:
1.Waterproof and moistureproof, it can fundamentally solve the wooden product problems like easily be rotted and dilated deformation after absorbing water or affected with wet environment. Therefore, our company‘s SPC floor can be used in this kind of environment which the traditional wood product cannot.
2.Colorful, many colors are optional. There are natural wooden feeling and wooden texture and also you can choose the color you need according to your personality.
3.Environmental protection , non-pollution, recycle. The products do not contain benzene and formaldehyde ,it’s a envi- ronmental products, recyclability reduce useage of wood and that is suitable for the sustainable development of national policy and it also benefits society.
4.Good fireproofing. it can stop fire effectively, fire rating reach level B1,when the fire touch products, the fire will put out immediately, and do not produce any toxic gas.
5.Easy for installation, convenient for wok, simple construction ways, save installed time and fees.

No cracking, no expand, no deformation, do not repair and maintain, easy to clean, save after-repair and after-maintain fees.

Extruder model SJZ 80 SJZ 92 SJZ 110
Product width mm 1050 1220 1220
Product thickness mm 3 - 8 3 - 8 3 - 8
Max. capacity kg/h 400 - 500 800 - 1000 1200 - 1400
Motor power KW 75 110 160
Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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