Building Material, Decoration Field

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PVB/SGP film is a thermo-plastic film made of PVB/SGP resin and plasticizer. It is widely used for interlayer of construction glass, automobile, solar photovoltaic glass, bullet-proof glass, sound proof glass, etc. Features high safety, sound proof, ultraviolet-proof, and can be colorful or super transparent, and used for construction wall glass for more than 70 years. Also it is of Optical application value, and solar photovoltaic as well.

PC Hollow Sheet, U-shaped/U Locked Sheet

PC hollow sheet, U-shaped/U locked sheet extrusion line:

●Construction of sunroof in buildings ,halls, shopping center ,stadium ,public places of entertainment and public facility.

●Rain shield of bus stations ,garages, pergolas, corridors.

●Transparent shields for security forces in nursery schools airports, factories.


PP, PE Plastic Hollow Cross Section Plate

The PP hollow cross section plate is light and high strength, moistureproof good environmental protection and refabrication performance.

PE construction board has advantages of The surface is clean, automatic demoulding, no cleaning maintenance, no demoulding agent, no cement on the surface of the used formwork, and no cleaning of the formwork. Under the same workload, the construction efficiency can be increased by 40% compared with steel formwork and bamboo-wood formwork. In addition, with the same building area, the time-consuming of building formwork is about 40% less than that of traditional formwork.


PC/PP Corrugated sheet

Products are used in: gardens, agricultural greenhouses and indoor fish culture greenhouses; skylights, cellars, arched roofs and commercial greenhouses; modern railway stations, airport waiting halls and corridor roofs; modern bus stations, ferry terminals and other public facilities covering; factory buildings, warehouses, markets and other fields of lighting.

High Speed Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

Aluminum plastic composite panel called ACP in short, composed by aluminum foil and polyethylene, adopting thermocoating technology to produce this new construction material. It is widely used for construction wall, outer door decoration as well as advertising and inner door decoration.


PVC Transparent Sheet and Rigid Sheet:

Product application: for decoration in hotel,restaurant,office,inner wall of villa,kitchen,toilet and it can be used or outside wall decoration,celling,table cloth,flooring and etc.

PVC Semi-Skinning(WPC) Foam Board,Co-Extrusion Foam Board

Application: building material, sanitary board, indoor decoration, cupboard and etc.


High Polymer Composite Waterproof Roll

Application: roof waterproofing of industrial and civil buildings, including planting roof, flat roof, slope roof, underground waterproofing of buildings: including reservoirs, dams, pools, tunnels, grain depots, civil air defense projects, landfills, artificial lakes, etc.


Water Drainage Sheet/HDPE/PP T-Grip

Application: in the greening of the roof or roof of underground engineering and in the pouring of concrete, the foundation works which are set in the construction joints and deformation joints and are integrated with concrete, such as tunnels, culverts, diversion aqueducts, dams, liquid storage structures, underground facilities, etc.


PVC Homogeneous Flooring Leather

Application: ground laying materials for residences, hospitals, schools, factories, hotels, restaurants and other places.

SPC Calcium-Plastic Environmental Floor

PC Solid Sheet

Application: garden, recreation place, decoration and the corridor pavilion; internal and external ornaments in the commercial building, curtain wall of the modern urban building; transparent container of aviation, the windscreen before the motorcycle, the plane, the train, the steamer, the submarine, army and police’s shield, the telephone booth, advertising signpost, the advertisement of the lamp houses, the expressway and overhead way of the city partition protective screen.


PP, PE, ABS, PVC Thick Plate

Application: chemical industry, food industry, antiseptic industry, purification industry, environmental protection equipment; ice hockey stadium wallboard.


XPS Foaming Board

Application: roof thermal insulation system; thermal insulation inside and outside walls of cold storage, barracks, grain depots and civil buildings; ground construction of airport runways and squares; civil engineering of highways and railways; partition system of apartments, office buildings, factory buildings, etc.

PVC Multi Layer Corrugated Sheet/Step Roofing

Application: factory building, warehouse, car shed, agricultural market, fencing, wall, temporary shops, heat insulation shed, etc.

XPE/IXPE Foaming Coil

Application: central air conditioning engineering, pipeline engineering, large containers, high-grade composite roof (insulation and sound insulation) system。

PE Geogrid

Application: water conservancy, highway, railway, coal mine, construction and other engineering fields. For example, it is used for dam construction, dam protection, slope protection, flood control net cage, highway, railway and roadbed reinforcement, retaining wall net protection and mine roof net.