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The 32nd International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition - PVC Integrated Wall Panel

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  Coating unit is mainly used in the flexible circuit board coating production line.The thickness and width of the coating can be changed by using a replaceable gap plate.The coating thickness can range from less than 1 mu m to 254 mu m.Under the condition that the coating thickness is only 2 mu m, the coating amount of the whole width is controlled within the tolerance range of 5% or so.The coating roller is driven by servo motor, which can adjust the roller speed according to the coating process to meet the production needs.The adjusting part of die head adopts servo motor control and micrometer display, which can accurately control the distance between coating die and base material to meet the requirement of coating quantity.

  Introduction of online anti-static coating equipment :This equipment is used base on PET/PP/PS/ABS/PC sheet production line , which coating a layer of antistatic fluid on the base sheet , and use circulation oven for drying ,the surface resistance of coating is not affected by the change of ambient temperature and humidity. No powder oil precipitates out,environment protection doesn’t contain harmful substance and other characteristics.